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Santa Cruz County Water & Wildfire Protection Act
by Sarah Newkirk
on February 15, 2024

Here in Santa Cruz County, we are connected to the land in so many ways. It’s critical to our well-being and this connectedness is why we work so hard to preserve and safeguard it.

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EcoFarm Tour Comes to the Watsonville Slough Farm
by Steve Pedersen
on February 13, 2024

Watsonville Slough Farm hosted the bus tour for the 44th annual EcoFarm Conference, the oldest and largest organic farming conference west of the Mississippi. The main focus of the tour stop was Esperanza Community Farm and Salazar Organic Farm, both of which grow organic vegetables and strawberries on Watsonville Slough Farm’s fertile soils.

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Esselen Tribal Group Stewards Ancestral Lands in Carmel Valley
by Carie Thompson
on February 6, 2024

In this article, Land Trust Access Director, Carie Thompson, talks about her recent visit with the Esselen tribe of Monterey County and how conservation professionals from the Monterey Bay and beyond are learning how to help tribes accomplish their goals.

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It's a Good Time to Plant!
by Brian Homberger
on January 24, 2024

Our Mediterranean climate makes winter the best possible time to get plants in the ground so they can get established before the hot and dry summer. The Land Trust and its volunteers have been hard at work getting our properties planted with a wide variety of native plants.

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Volunteers Pitch in on French Broom Pull at Wildlife Crossing
by Audrelina Mendiola-Arriola
on January 16, 2024

Twenty hard-working volunteers helped the Land Trust staff pull the non-native plant Genista monspessulana, commonly known as French broom, at the Highway 17 wildlife crossing.

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Access for All
by Eric Nunez
on January 10, 2024

Our ADA trail upgrade at Antonelli Pond is complete. Plan a visit to check out this very cool trail and other improvements at this local gem.

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Trails at San Vicente Redwoods Hit One-Year Milestone
by Brian Homberger
on January 4, 2024

It's officially one year since the eight miles of multi-use trails at San Vicente Redwoods opened to the public! It's been an absolute joy welcoming people to the trails to enjoy this intense and beautiful landscape that is unlike any other. The SVR property is such a biologically rich space with many stories to tell.

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On NBC Bay Area: Mountain lion spotted using Highway 17 wildlife crossing
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on January 3, 2024

NBC Bay Area covered the story of the first mountain lion recorded on camera using the Laurel Curve wildlife crossing.

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In the Santa Cruz Sentinel: First Puma Witnessed Using Laurel Curve Crossing
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on January 3, 2024

While many pumas have been caught on camera in the area of the Laurel Curve wildlife crossing, this video is the first documentation of a mountain lion using the tunnel.

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On KSQD: New Ballot Initiative Would Support Land Restoration in Santa Cruz County
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on December 13, 2023

In this interview with Executive Director of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Sarah Newkirk, she discusses efforts to qualify a new citizen’s ballot initiative that would raise over $7 million a year for environmental restoration efforts, from wildfire and flood recovery to clean water and beaches. It’s called the “Santa Cruz County Safe Drinking Water, Clean Beaches, Wildfire Risk Reduction, and Wildlife Protection Act.” and it may be on the November 2024 ballot if environmental groups can gather enough signatures to qualify.

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