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It's a Good Time to Plant!
Events, Properties, Projects
by Brian Homberger
on January 24, 2024

Despite the cold wet weather and shorter days, our dedicated volunteers started the new year getting their hands dirty to help us with restoration projects at two different properties. At Antonelli Pond, we planted a pollinator garden alongside the new ADA trail. Up at San Vicente Redwoods, we planted over 400 grass plugs, 40 sage transplants, and a wildflower seed mix all around the trailhead.

We hold these events in winter because the Mediterranean climate in this area of California consists of short wet winters with long dry summers. This means that now is the best possible time to get plants in the ground so they can get established. The rainstorms allow the seeds to germinate and fully establish root systems that can soak up enough moisture to survive our hot and dry California summers. If planting occurs too late in March or April, there won't be enough time for the root systems to establish before the rains end.

A perfect example is the Blue Wildrye (Elymus glaucus) that was planted in abundance at the San Vicente Redwoods trailhead. It's a perennial bunchgrass with a deep, strong, thick, and fibrous root system. The root mat is perfect for anchoring the soils in place and stabilizing the restoration area. This California Native also provides food and cover to all the critters in the area.

To learn about volunteer opportunities, sign up here.

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Pollinator garden at Antonelli Pond
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Prepping ground for pollinator garden at Antonelli Pond