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Who We Are

Founded in 1978, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County brings diverse communities and organizations together to protect and connect people to the lands that define this special place. We protect and steward farmland, watersheds, wildlife habitat, and land for public access in and around Santa Cruz County to support the environment, economy, and quality of life for future generations of people and wildlife.

We understand the critical role land plays in addressing climate change and calibrate our preservation efforts through this lens. At the same time, we know that land is cherished when people connect to it directly. From that perspective, we partner with groups and individuals to preserve and steward land that people can access, enjoy, and fall in love with.

We are a Participatory Land Trust

We engage the entire county in our efforts to get bikers, hikers, birders, farmers, ranchers, and everyone who cares about the local environment and our uniquely beautiful vistas to become active stewards of the land.

Our work is organized around five interconnected focus areas:

Protect Wildlands

We establish, maintain and protect wildlife crossings and corridors, intrinsically ecologically valuable wildlands, wildlife habitats, watersheds, and outdoor recreation areas.

Save Farmland

We work with ranchers, farmers, and ag landowners to support long-term economic sustainability of farmlands, wetlands, rangelands, and water resources.

Ensure Access to Nature

We provide sustainable access to, raise awareness of, and maintain land enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers, birders, families, nature lovers, and outdoor and environmental advocates.

Mitigate Climate Change

We partner with local organizations, elected officials, and residents to address the local effects of climate change that are impacted by changes in land use and preservation.

Steward the Land

We own and manage land across the area to protect its conservation values, advance public access, protect critical natural resources, and maintain agricultural viability in the area.

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